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October Automotive Recall News

October saw the automotive industry in America continue its rigorous pursuit of safety and quality. Numerous manufacturers issued recalls to address various issues ranging from faulty rear axle bolts, electronic parking brake malfunctions, power steering control issues and a number of software malfunctions.

The October automotive recall news feature a wide range of manufacturers and models. Issues range from defects in the subframe bushing, disconnected driveshaft faults, previous recall issues where the parking breaks engage unexpectedly and more.

Auto regulators mandate that manufacturers promptly inform affected owners of any issues subject to a recall and repair the affected cars free of charge.

This report briefly overviews the major recalls announced in October, detailing the manufacturers involved and the specific issues identified.

Which Vehicles Were Recalled in October?

The October automotive recalls encompass a variety of vehicles manufactured between 2021 and 2023 across several manufacturers. The most notable ones include:

  • Tesla Model X (2021-2023): 54,676 vehicles were recalled due to a software issue that could cause the vehicle controller to fail to detect low brake fluid and not display a warning light.

  • Nissan Ariya (2023): 9,813 vehicles were recalled due to an inverter software issue that could detect a short circuit and shut down the EV system, resulting in a loss of drive power.

  • Ram 1500, Ram 3500 Cab Chassis, and Ram 2500 pickups (2022-2023 ): 272,911 vehicles were recalled due to a radio software issue that may prevent the rearview image from displaying.

  • General Motors, LLC:

    • Cadillac XT5, XT6 (2023), GMC Acadia (2023): 271 vehicles were affected by windshield sealing issues.

    • Cadillac LYRIQ (2023): 62 vehicles were recalled due to an incorrectly calibrated software update that may fail to make the pedestrian warning sounds.

    • BrightDrop Zevo 600 (2023): 234 vehicles were recalled for potentially incorrect roof rail airbag deployment.

  • Hyundai Translead Inc. (2022-2023): 34,960 vehicles were recalled for improperly welded cross braces, which could contribute to a loss of control and possibly a crash.

  • Ford Motor Company:

    • Explorer (2023): 2,848 vehicles were recalled for rearview camera display issues.

    • Mustang Mach E (2021-2022): 48,924 vehicles were recalled for potential high voltage battery contactor overheating.

    • F-150 Lightning (2023): 931 vehicles were recalled due to a missing solder joint in the electronic cabin coolant heater module, which can cause intermittent or no cabin heat and an inoperative defrosting/defogging system.

  • Volvo Trucks North America:

    • VNL, VNR (2024): 1,933 were recalled for inoperative electronic stability control.

    • VHD, VNL, VNR (2024): 2000 vehicles were recalled for loose steering components.

  • Kia America, Inc.: 24,000 Borrego (2009-2014) vehicles were recalled for headliner plate detachment.

  • Chrysler (FCA US, LLC):

    • Alfa Romeo Tonale, Dodge Hornet (2023-2023); 4,660 vehicles were recalled for unconnected pedestrian alert sirens.

  • Proterra Operating Company, Inc.:

    • Catalyst, ZX5 (2019-2022): 238 vehicles were recalled for inverter failure causing loss of power.​​

➡️ Is Your Car Affected?

To check if your vehicle is affected by a recent recall, visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website and enter your vehicle's VIN number. You can also sign up for NHTSA recall alerts to be notified if your vehicle is recalled for any reason in the future.

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