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GM Lemon Law Buyback

With headquarters in Detroit and Michigan, General Motors is an American auto manufacturer giant selling over 7 million cars every year all around the world. Chevrolet, GMC, Buick and Cadillac are among the most popular GM brands that offer a wide range of vehicles such as trucks, SUVs, sedans and crossovers, catering to different needs and preferences. Buick and Cadillac are considered luxury GM brands, while Chevy and GMC are known for their ruggedness and durability. If you own one of these GM vehicles and you suspect you may have a lemon on your hands, you may qualify for a GM lemon law claim under California lemon law.





What is a Lemon?

A 'lemon' is a vehicle that has a defect or persistent malfunction that substantially impairs the use, value, or safety of the vehicle, risking serious injury or even death, and it has not been repaired after a reasonable number of attempts by the auto manufacturers or their authorized dealership. To qualify for a lemon law case, the vehicle must have had a number of repair attempts. The most common defects include a defective engine, transmission problems, electrical issues, and persistent issues with the structure of the defective vehicle that can not be successfully repaired after a number of attempts.

Does the California Lemon Law Protect Consumers?

The lemon law differs in every state and each state has their own qualifications and procedures but the California lemon law is widely regarded as one of the most robust, consumer-friendly and reliable in protecting consumers in the US.

One of the key benefits of the California lemon law is that it covers a wide range of vehicles including cars, trucks, motorcycles, SUVs and motorhomes. It also applies to both new and used vehicles as long as they were purchased within the state of California and are still covered by the manufacturer's original warranty.

Another advantage of the California lemon law is that it has a broader definition of what constitutes a defect. On top of mechanical defects, California's lemon law also encompasses issues with bodywork and electrical systems.

And finally, in California, the lemon law covers the consumers' attorney fees, which means they can seek legal action without having to worry about the cost of hiring an attorney.

What is GM Lemon Law?

General Motors Lemon Law is a term used to refer to state legislation that grants consumers the right to a refund or replacement of a car that has serious defects that General Motors cannot resolve. These laws dictate the process for how GM must handle these claims and provide clear guidelines on when a buyback may be offered as an alternative to repair or replacement.

It is important to note that the GM Lemon Law Buyback program is not a federal law but rather a company policy offered by GM providing an option for customers who have purchased or leased a vehicle from GM and have been unable to resolve the issue through repairs.

What is the GM Lemon Law Buyback Program?

Under General Motors (GM) lemon law buyback, consumers who have purchased a GM vehicle that has been deemed to be a 'lemon' under California's lemon law are eligible for reimbursement. The GM Lemon Law Buyback program allows consumers to recoup their money for the purchase of their faulty vehicle and also receive compensation for any repairs or related costs associated with fixing the car. General Motors will reimburse customers according to state lemon laws, ensuring that customers receive full restitution in an equitable fashion.

The GM Lemon Buyback Program is designed to provide GM vehicle owners with a way out of their vehicles after it has been determined that the car cannot be sufficiently fixed or repaired. This program provides an alternative for those who want to get out of their General Motors Lemon Law claim too and does not require them to accept repairs or replacement as a resolution.

GM owners who have a qualifying lemon vehicle can return the vehicle to GM for a refund or a replacement vehicle. The refund is calculated based on the purchase or lease price of the vehicle, minus any allowances for use, and any applicable taxes and fees. This reimbursement must also include any reasonable repair costs paid by you during this time.

In GM lemon law cases, the customer also has the option to choose a replacement vehicle of similar value if they prefer.

What Qualifies for GM Lemon Law Buyback?

To qualify for the GM Lemon Law Buyback Program, the customer must first exhaust their rights under the state's lemon law by providing written notice to GM and giving the company a reasonable number of attempts to repair the defective vehicle.

The number of attempts required to qualify for a buyback will vary depending on the individual state's lemon law. Under California's lemon law, the manufacturer is presumed to have had a reasonable number of repair attempts when manufacturers and licensed dealers are granted four repair attempts (for non-safety defects) to get the vehicle repaired for any single defect for common issues. However, if the defect has a risk of causing serious injury or death, the law only provides manufacturers and dealers with two repair attempts until a reasonable number of repair attempts is presumed.

If the issue remains unresolved, the GM vehicle likely qualifies for a GM lemon law case and the customer can seek a buyback under the GM Lemon Law Buyback Program.

If you are unsure whether or not your General Motors car, truck or SUV might qualify as a lemon, there are multiple resources available online to help guide you through the process of filing a GM Lemon Law Buyback claim. You can also consult with a lemon law attorney who specializes in cases of GM lemon law claims to determine if you have valid grounds for claiming a buyback under the GM Lemon Law Buyback Program.

What Are the Requirements for GM Lemon Law Buybacks?

Once you have exhausted your rights under the California lemon law and the issue remains unresolved, you can seek a buyback under the GM Lemon Law Buyback Program. To do so, you may want to send a lemon law demand letter to GM outlining the details of the vehicle's defect, repair attempts and your request for a refund or replacement vehicle.

How Does the GM Lemon Law Process Work?

General Motors requires customers to show that their vehicle meets certain criteria in order for them to be eligible for a GM Lemon Law Buyback. This includes proof of purchase, proof of continuing attempts at getting it repaired according to General Motors' standards, and evidence of financial loss due to the lemon vehicle.

In the demand letter, it is important to provide as much detail as possible about the vehicle defect and the number and nature of repair attempts. This needs to outline the date of the defect's discovery, the dates of each repair attempt, the names and contacts of the dealerships, manufacturers and repair shops visited, and the names of any GM representatives you spoke with. It is also important to include any relevant proof and documentation such as repair orders, receipts and any written correspondence with GM.

Only licensed dealerships and manufacturers should be considered for vehicle repairs under the California lemon law in order to avoid voiding the warranty.

Once GM receives the demand letter, they have 30 days to respond and either offer a buyback or reject the claim. If they agree to a buyback you can then return the vehicle and receive a refund or a replacement vehicle of similar value. The refund will be calculated based on the purchase or lease price of the vehicle, minus any allowances for use, and any applicable taxes and fees.

Before entering any lemon law settlement it is recommended that consumers contact an experienced lemon law lawyer for a free consultation to ensure that they understand their rights and navigate the process correctly.

Which GM Brands are covered under the Lemon Law?

The GM brand covers a wide range of popular vehicles and the following models are covered under the lemon law.

  • Chevrolet Bolt

  • Trax

  • Trailblazer

  • Equinox

  • Blazer

  • Traverse

  • Tahoe

  • Suburban

  • Crude 

  • Sonic

  • Spar

  • Volt

  • Impala

  • Camaro

  • Corvette Stingray

  • Malibu

  • Silverado

  • Buick Vera

  • Encore

  • Envision

  • Enclave

  • Avenir

  • Regal

  • Lacrosse

  • Cascade

  • Cadillac ATS, CTS, CT6, and XTS

  • Escalade

  • Sierra

  • Yukon

  • Canyon

  • Terrain

  • Acadia

Common GM Lemon Defects

General Motors is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world however, like any company, GM is not immune to producing vehicles with defects.

Transmission Problems

One common GM lemon defect is transmission problems. Many consumers have reported issues with their transmission slipping, jerking, juddering, hesitating during acceleration or deceleration, grinding between gears, delayed shifting or not shifting properly. This of course can cause serious issues for customers and they may be expected to pay out large amounts of money for costly repairs or replacements if the warranty has expired.

Engine Problems

Another common GM defect is engine issues. Some GM vehicles have been known to struggle with engine stalling, excessive oil consumption, rough idling, excessive vibration, knocking, not starting, not stopping or shutting off unexpectedly. This is a serious safety concern and can lead to injury or even death if not fixed promptly.

Electrical Systems

Some GM vehicles have been known to have glitches with their electrical systems. These can include problems with the vehicle's power windows, door locks, air conditioning system, radio, navigation, hands free ("Bluetooth") connectivity, and backup cameras.

In some of these cases, GM issues a nationwide recall for the vehicles. However, not all defects are covered by recalls and some customers may still get stuck with a lemon vehicle. Therefore, it is important that consumers get equated with their rights and consult a lemon law attorney to see if they qualify for a GM lemon law claim.

Recent GM Recalls

As one of the world's leading automakers, General Motors (GM) has had its fair share of recalls over the years. In recent times, the company has issued several recalls for a variety of issues, ranging from faulty software to potentially dangerous defects in certain vehicle models.

  • In 2020, GM issued a recall for over 700,000 vehicles due to a software defect that could cause the vehicles to stall unexpectedly. The recall affected several popular models, including the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickup trucks, as well as the Chevrolet Camaro and Cadillac CTS sports cars.

  • In 2021, GM issued a recall for over 400,000 vehicles due to a defect in the power steering system that could cause the system to fail unexpectedly. The recall affected several models, including the Chevrolet Malibu and Impala, as well as the Buick LaCrosse and Cadillac XTS.

  • Also in 2021, GM recalled over 400,000 vehicles due to a defect in the brake system that could cause the brake pedal to become loose or detached. The recall affected several models, including the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickup trucks, as well as the Chevrolet Suburban and Tahoe SUVs.

It is important for vehicle owners to stay informed about any recalls that may affect their vehicles and to take the necessary steps to have the recall repairs performed as soon as possible. This can be done by checking the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's website or contacting your local GM dealership.

Why Choose The Beck Law Office to Represent You?

When considering choosing a lemon law attorney, it is vital to choose a trusted and reputable firm that has an extensive understanding of the state's laws and they are well versed in the loopholes and traps auto manufacturers and dealers often use to confuse consumers.

The Beck Law Office is a reputable lemon law attorney firm that has over a decade of experience in serving California, protecting consumers and successfully applying lemon law protection to hundreds of claims.

We proudly operate in and around Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Monica, Riverside, and the wider Golden State of California.

The Beck Law Office specializes in lemon law cases and we have extensive experience in representing our client's interests through litigation or negotiation of settlements. We work hard to ensure that our lemon law consumers win their cases, receive full refunds or replacements vehicles, and obtain any other appropriate compensation due to them. This high standard of consistency has earned us a reputation as one of the most trusted lemon law attorneys in California.

Our Promise To You

We at The Beck Law Office pride ourselves on our excellent attorney-client relationship and we always go the extra mile for all our clients, ensuring that they receive the best possible outcome and the compensation they deserve.

Our skilled lawyers have the expertise, experience, and competence to go toe-to-toe and represent you against some of the largest vehicle manufacturers and dealerships in California. You can have full confidence in our capability to succeed in your lemon law claim and represent you to the best of our ability.

Contact Us Today

If you require expert input in your lemon law claim, don't hesitate to contact us for a free initial consultation and a no-obligation case review.

We will readily review your case and advise you of your legal options and discuss with you where California lemon law applies.

Let us help you get the justice you deserve in a quick, friendly, and efficient manner.


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