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Chrysler Lemon Law Buyback

The adage, 'When life gives you lemons, make lemonade' holds a very different meaning in the automotive world. When your newly bought car gives you consistent trouble despite numerous repair attempts, you've got yourself a 'lemon'! As frustrating as this situation might be, it is important for consumers to know that they are protected under the 'Lemon Laws.' These laws, varying by state, ensure that consumers receive adequate compensation or replacement if their new vehicle fails to meet standards of quality and performance.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), owners of Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and RAM, have a specific Lemon Law Buyback program designed to protect its customers. As a Chrysler vehicle owner or potential buyer, understanding this law and the associated buyback program is paramount as it arms you with the necessary knowledge needed to safeguard your rights, making sure you get the most out of your investment.

The California Lemon Law is one of the most comprehensive lemon laws anywhere in the US and your ally if you have a defective vehicle.




What is the Lemon Law?

Before we delve into the specifics of Chrysler's Lemon Law Buyback program, it is important to first understand what the Lemon Law actually is. Generally speaking, lemon laws are American state laws that provide a remedy for purchasers of cars and other consumer goods to compensate for products that repeatedly fail to meet standards of quality and performance.

A lemon car refers to a new or leased vehicle that has significant defects affecting its use, value, or safety, that can not be rectified even after multiple repair attempts. The lemon law also stipulates that such defects must arise within a certain period of time after purchase or within a specified mileage.

  • Not All Lemon Laws Are Created Equal

It is important to note that lemon laws vary from state to state, with different states having different criteria for what constitutes a lemon. Typically, to qualify as a 'lemon,' a vehicle must have a substantial defect, covered by the original manufacturer's warranty, that occurred within a certain period of time or number of miles after you bought the car and not been able to have it fixed even after a number of repair attempts.

California's Lemon Law is widely acknowledged as one of the most robust and consumer-friendly lemon laws in the United States.

Understanding Chrysler's Lemon Law Buyback Program

In response to the lemon laws instituted by various states, Chrysler has designed its own Lemon Law Buyback program to support and reassure its consumers. If a Chrysler vehicle is determined to be a 'lemon' under state law, the company offers the consumer a replacement vehicle or a refund, hence the term 'buyback'. This is a commitment on Chrysler's part to uphold its promise of delivering quality vehicles and to maintain the trust of its consumers.

The Chrysler Lemon Law Buyback program commences when a consumer's vehicle is reported and verified as a 'lemon.' This usually means that the vehicle has substantial defects affecting its use, value, or safety that are not repaired even after a reasonable number of attempts, or if the vehicle has been in the repair shop for over 30 days cumulatively.

Your Consumer's Rights Under Chrysler's Lemon Law Buyback

As a consumer, understanding your rights is the first step towards asserting them effectively in a lemon law case. When it comes to Chrysler lemon law claims, there are several key rights that you should be aware of:

  1. Right to a Remedy:

    If your Chrysler vehicle qualifies as a 'lemon' under your state's lemon law or under California's lemon law, you have the right to seek a remedy from the car manufacturer or car dealership. This remedy will typically be in the form of either a replacement vehicle or a buyback of your faulty vehicle.

  2. Choice of Replacement or Refund:

    It is crucial to understand that the choice between receiving a replacement vehicle or a refund lies with you, the consumer. Chrysler cannot force you to accept a replacement vehicle if you would prefer a full refund.

  3. Right to a Fair Refund:

    If you opt for a refund, you are entitled to the full contract price of your vehicle, including but not limited to costs associated with taxes, licensing and registration, and finance charges you paid. Some deductions might apply, for instance, a reasonable allowance for use.

  4. Right to a Replacement Vehicle:

    If you choose a replacement, you are entitled to a new vehicle that is identical or reasonably equivalent to the vehicle being replaced. The new vehicle should be free of the defects that plagued the 'lemon.'

  5. Right to Legal Representation:

    If you face any difficulties during the buyback process, you have the right to legal representation. Some states, including California, even provide for the manufacturer to cover the legal fees if the consumer prevails in a lemon law claim.

Knowing and understanding these rights is critical to ensuring that you receive fair treatment during the Chrysler Lemon Law Buyback process.

Navigating the Buyback Process

Successfully navigating the Chrysler Lemon Law Buyback process requires a clear understanding of each step involved. Here, we have listed a step-by-step guide to help you through the process:

  1. Identify the Problem: The first step is recognizing and documenting any recurring problems or defects with your vehicle.

  2. Attempt Repairs: Make sure you take your vehicle for repairs at a Chrysler-authorized service centre. Always ensure you maintain all paperwork and receipts related to these repair visits.

  3. Keep Track of Repair Attempts: Track the number of repair attempts made, the days your vehicle has been out of service due to these repairs, and the dates your problems began.

  4. Submit Your Vehicle for Final Repair Attempt: If the issue still isn't resolved, your vehicle might qualify as a 'lemon'. You must give Chrysler one final attempt to repair the vehicle.

  5. Initiate the Buyback Process: If the final repair attempt doesn't rectify the problem, you can officially request a buyback under Chrysler's Lemon Law Buyback program. You'll need to provide all documentation related to the purchase and repair of the vehicle.

  6. Choose Between a Refund or Replacement: Chrysler will review your request, and if approved, you can choose between a refund or a replacement vehicle.

  7. Receive Your Refund or Replacement: If you opt for a refund, Chrysler will calculate the refund amount based on the original purchase price and other associated costs, taking into consideration any usage fee. If you choose a replacement, Chrysler will provide a new vehicle of a similar make and model.

  8. Consult a Legal Professional: If at any stage you face difficulties, remember that you have the right to legal representation. An experienced lemon law attorney can help guide you through the process and ensure your rights are protected.

Understanding these steps is critical to effectively navigating the buyback process and ensuring you receive the compensation you are entitled to. Remember, the goal is to provide you with a fair solution if your vehicle is determined to be a 'lemon'.

Potential Challenges in the Buyback Process

While the Chrysler Lemon Law Buyback process is designed to provide a fair solution to consumers, it's not without potential challenges. Recognizing these potential hurdles upfront can help you be better prepared to navigate through them:

  • Documentation: Maintaining comprehensive and accurate documentation is crucial for a successful buyback process. Failure to provide adequate documentation can lead to delays, grey areas or potential denials.

  • Understanding the Definition of a 'Lemon': The definition of a 'lemon' can vary between different states. Understanding whether your vehicle qualifies can sometimes be complex and confusing.

  • Multiple Repair Attempts: The requirement for multiple repair attempts or an extended period in the repair shop can be frustrating and time-consuming for consumers. It can also be challenging to determine when enough attempts have been made to qualify as a 'lemon.'

  • Determining a Fair Refund: If you opt for a refund, determining a fair amount can be complicated. You may encounter difficulties understanding what costs should be included in the calculation.

  • Identifying an Equivalent Replacement: If you opt for a replacement vehicle, finding an equivalent replacement can be challenging, especially if your original model has been discontinued or significantly updated.

  • Navigating the Legal Process: Navigating any legal process can be daunting, especially if you are unfamiliar with lemon laws. You may find it challenging to understand your rights and responsibilities and to ensure they are upheld.

  • Seek help from a Lemon Law Lawyer: While these challenges might seem overwhelming, remember that you are not alone in this process. A law firm or a legal professional specializing in lemon laws is available to guide you through these hurdles, ensuring your rights are protected and you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

  • Remember: It is your right as a consumer to seek such assistance, and in many cases, the manufacturer may even be required to cover the legal costs if you prevail in your lemon law claim.


Types of Chrysler Vehicles Covered by the Lemon Law

One of the key aspects of understanding the Chrysler Lemon Law Buyback program is knowing which vehicles are covered under it. As a rule, lemon laws apply to new or leased vehicles that come with a manufacturer's warranty. In California, the Lemon Law also covers used vehicles that are still within the warranty period.

Here's a breakdown of Chrysler vehicles that typically fall under the purview of the lemon law:

  1. New Vehicles: Brand-new Chrysler vehicles that have been purchased or leased with a manufacturer's warranty are covered. This includes all models, from sedans and SUVs to trucks and minivans.

  2. Leased Vehicles: If you have leased a Chrysler vehicle, it is also protected under lemon law. If your leased vehicle turns out to be a 'lemon,' you can also seek remedies similar to those who have purchased their vehicles.

  3. Used Vehicles: Used vehicles may also be covered under lemon law, but the specifics can vary from state to state. Generally, used Chrysler vehicles are covered if they are still under the original manufacturer's warranty and meet the other criteria of a 'lemon.'

  4. Demonstrator (Demo) Vehicles: Demo vehicles or 'demos' are new vehicles that dealerships use for customers to test drive or those that dealership employees have used for personal use. These vehicles are considered new and are generally covered under lemon law if they come with the manufacturer's warranty.

Common Chrysler Lemon Defects

While Chrysler is known for producing quality vehicles, some common defects often come up in 'lemon' cases. Recognizing these common defects can help you understand whether your vehicle may qualify as a 'lemon.' Here are a few commonly reported issues:

  • Engine Problems: These include issues that can cause loss of power, stalling, overheating, or even complete engine failure.

  • Transmission Issues: Difficulties in shifting gears, jerking movements, or whining sounds are often signs of transmission problems.

  • Electrical System Failures: Issues with the vehicle's electrical system can manifest in many ways, such as frequent battery drain, malfunctioning lights, or failure of onboard computer systems.

  • Brake System Defects: Issues with brakes are serious safety concerns. They can range from squeaking noises to the failure of the braking system.

  • Steering Problems: Difficulty steering, including stiffness, or noises while turning can indicate a defect in the steering system.

  • Issues with Fuel Systems: These can result in poor fuel efficiency, leaks, or even risk of fire in extreme cases.

  • Faulty Airbags or Seatbelts: Any defects with safety features of the car like airbags or seatbelts are serious issues that warrant immediate attention.

  • Air Conditioning or Heater Malfunction: While not as serious as some other defects, issues with the air conditioning or heater can affect the comfort and value of the vehicle.

Recent Chrysler Recalls

  • 2022 Chrysler 300 and 2022 Dodge Challenger and Charger: These vehicles have been recalled because the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) sensor battery may fail prematurely and cause the sensor to become inoperative. This could lead to inaccurate tire pressure readings, which could increase the risk of a crash.

  • 2017-2023 Chrysler Pacifica PHEV: These vehicles have been recalled because the high-voltage battery cooling system may not function properly. This could lead to the battery overheating, which could increase the risk of a fire.

  • 2017-2018 Chrysler Pacifica PHEV: These vehicles have been recalled because the rearview camera may not display an image. This could make it difficult to see behind the vehicle while backing up, which could increase the risk of a crash.

  • 2020-2021 Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger, and Chrysler 300: These vehicles have been recalled because the windshield may not have been properly bonded to the vehicle, allowing it to detach in a crash. This could increase the risk of injury to the occupants.

The Beck Law Office: Your Trusted California Lemon Law Attorney

Navigating through a lemon law claim can be complex and overwhelming. To ensure you fully understand your rights and are adequately represented, it is advised to seek assistance from a team of experienced attorneys who are well-versed in the state's lemon laws.

We at The Beck Law Office are a trusted California lemon law firm specializing in providing legal representation to consumers dealing with 'lemon' vehicles.

With offices conveniently located in major cities across California - Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Monica, San Diego, and Riverside - our firm is proud to provide top-tier legal services throughout the state of California that you can rely upon.

Here's what sets The Beck Law Office apart:

  1. Expertise in California Lemon Law:

    The Beck Law Office team has a deep understanding of the intricacies of California's robust lemon laws, ensuring that all our lemon law attorneys are well-equipped to guide you through your lemon law case.

  2. Years of Experience:

    With over a decade of experience handling a variety of lemon law claims, each lemon law lawyer at The Beck Law Office has the knowledge and expertise necessary to navigate even the most complex situations effectively.

  3. No Upfront Cost:

    We are proud to represent all our clients on a contingency basis, which means there are no upfront costs for you. We get paid if we win your case, and in many situations, our fees are paid by the manufacturer or car dealership.

  4. Client-Centric Approach:

    We pride ourselves on putting our clients first. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your rights as a consumer are upheld and that you receive the compensation you are legally entitled to.

Contact Us Today

If you believe your Chrysler or FCA vehicle might be a 'lemon' and you are considering hiring a lemon law lawyer, don't hesitate to contact us for advice or a free consultation.

Our team of skilled attorneys is ready to provide you with the legal assistance you need, ensuring you can navigate the process with confidence and ease.

Together, we can start your journey towards a positive resolution!



Lemon laws are in place to protect consumers against being stuck with a defective product. The California lemon law is a vehicle specific lemon law.
If you need to pursue a lemon lawsuit choose trusted lemon law attorneys who are well versed in your state's lemon law.
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