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California’s lemon law can be confusing to consumers. The answers to these common questions can give you an overview of what to expect before you call the Beck Law Office for assistance.

  • How do I decide which attorney to choose?
    When choosing a lemon law attorney, your first consideration should be whether they’ve tried a case to verdict—and what the results were. Few attorneys have tried cases as the lead trial lawyer, let alone recover the maximum available compensation under the law. Once you’ve identified a few candidates, choose the most communicative and trustworthy lawyer available.   Benjeman Beck has taken more than 15 trials to jury verdict, including recovering the maximum available on multiple occasions. The Beck Law Office prides itself on transparency, honesty and great communication: the attorney handling your case on a day-to-day basis is also your trial attorney. This personalized attention is rarely available at big law firms. Get the best of both worlds when you work with us.
  • What will it cost to hire the Beck Law Office?
    Nothing. California’s lemon law requires the auto manufacturers to pay all attorney’s fees. If I take your case, I’m confident that we’ll win.
  • How long will my case take?
    Your case’s lifespan can be anywhere from two to three months—or much longer, depending on your goals.  Some law firms will pressure you to continue, to increase attorney fees.  At the Beck Law Office, you’re in charge. You can decide whether you want a quick resolution because you’re sick of the vehicle, or whether you want to fight for the maximum available recovery to help other consumers avoid the same experience.
  • Do leased vehicles qualify under California lemon law?
    Yes. You can find full details of how the lemon law applies to leased vehicles in California here.
  • Can I still drive my car during the case?
  • Must I have possession of the car?
    No.  The car can be traded-in, totaled, returned at lease-end, or sold.
  • Are used cars covered?
    California lemon law covers vehicles sold as Certified Preowned Cars (CPO) by the manufacturer. Read our full guide to the lemon law for used cars.
  • Does my vehicle manufacturer still have to work on my car under warranty during my lemon law case?
  • Will my California lemon law case go to trial?
    95 percent of all cases settle before trial.
  • Will you try my case?
    First, I’ll schedule a consultation with you to determine whether you qualify for repurchase under California’s lemon laws. Next, I’ll explain your legal options. Depending on your individual circumstances, you’ll decide whether you want to pursue a quick resolution or take it all the way through trial, if necessary. If we go to trial, I will use my extensive trial experience to get the maximum available compensation.
  • My spouse is on the sales contract. Do they have to be involved?
    Yes, but if you are not on good terms, I can work with you on a solution.
  • Are cars purchased from a private seller covered under California lemon law?
    No. The car must be purchased or leased from a retail seller.
  • I purchased my car under my business’s name. Do I still have a case?
    Yes, you may still pursue your case if certain circumstances apply. Please schedule a consultation with me to find out more.
  • Do I still have to make my payments?
    Yes—but when we settle your case, the goal is to get a refund for all payments made.
  • Do I get pain and suffering for emotional distress, inconvenience and hassle?
    No. However, if the manufacturer was unreasonable when deciding not to buyback your vehicle, you may be entitled to a civil penalty.
  • What is a civil penalty and do you pursue it?
    A civil penalty is a way of punishing the manufacturer for not repurchasing your vehicle before the lawsuit.  If the manufacturer acted unreasonably, it can be up to twice what you paid for the vehicle.  The Beck Law Office pursues civil penalties.
  • I bought my car outside of California, can I still file a lemon law case?
    Typically, no.  However, the California Lemon Law allows active military to pursue lemon law cases under certain circumstances. Please schedule a consultation with me to find out more.
  • My car is out of warranty. Can I still pursue a California lemon law claim?
    California lemon law requires that you allow the manufacturer’s authorized dealership to attempt to repair the vehicle.  You may be able to pursue a case if you brought the car to the manufacturer’s authorized dealership for the problems during the warranty. Please schedule a consultation with me to find out if your vehicle qualifies.
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