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  • Ben Beck

GM Recalls 2022 Cadillacs and GMC Acadia for Defective Backup Cameras

The US Department of Transportation required backup cameras to be installed in all cars, trucks and SUV’s built after May 1, 2018. The move was made in response to the numerous accidents involving small children playing behind backing vehicles. Backup cameras are now a standard feature in all newly built cars, trucks and SUVs.

Last month, GM recalled over 95,000 Cadillacs and GMC Acadias due to a defective backup camera connection cable causing the backup cameras to fail or flash. According to GM, the cause is an improper fold during manufacturing of a coaxial cable. GM’s claims that replacing the cable, free of charge, repairs the issue. GM issued the recall to avoid the risk of a crash and will begin notifying owners driving the affected Cadillacs and Acadias in November.

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